Vinoti Workstation


The tile-based construction create intelligent furniture that looks great and adaptable for all budget and work environment. Designed to accommodate change and maximize operating life, xtensis provides all the answers to specific requirements and can be modified to countless configurations.

Xtensis offers the perfect balanced of design and flexibility. The unique design options allows the application of any finish; fabric, metal, glass or white board. There are no limits to design options.
Add all accessories to meet everyone needs.

Open Space for Staff

xtensis staff

Open Space for Head Division and Secretary

xtensis secretary

Private Area for Head Division, Secretary, Manager

xtensis manager


XSLIM is new revolution of product that, everythingis connected and freedom to adapt and evolve to transforms the way of work. XSLIM design is based on the functionality, practicality and flexibility to create and ideal office environment and provide the user with a development space completely new, with simple and slimness but practical steel foot pads layout in good order, to gather with the varieties on lines, user get their favorite design of humanization. The simple and practical screen separated by clear glasses for building of calm and enjoyable office environment.

Xslim Team Work

xslimm teamwork

Desking System with Xslim panel

xslim teamwork 2

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